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Original Report Tony Bates
Revised and Maintained by: Philip Smith
Revised and Rewritten for the BGP Table Analyzer: Geoff Huston

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CIDR REPORT for 14 Sep 07

Report Sections:

This report is generated from an analysis of theBGP routing table within AS4637 (Reach), and was produced at Fri Sep 14 13:50:03 2007 AEST.

Status Summary

Table History


AS Summary

Aggregation Summary

The algorithm used in this report proposes aggregation only when there is a precise match using AS path so as to preserve traffic transit policies. Aggregation is also proposed across non-advertised address space ('holes').

Last Week's Changes

This a daily snapshot of changes in routes being withdrawn and added. The deltas are calculated over a rolling 7 day period. Please bear in mind this is purely a "snapshot" and a large flucuation could be caused by a connectivity problem for example.

More Specifics

A list of route advertisements that appear to be more specfic than the original Class-based prefix mask, or more specific than the registry allocation size.

Possible Bogus Routes and AS Announcements 

Selected AS Report

A version of this report is available using plain text tables.

This report has been generated using the BGP table from AS4637 (Reach)
Reports are also generated for AS 1221 (Telstra), andAS 6447 (Route-Views).

Report produced at: Fri Sep 14 13:50:03 2007 AEST (cidr-report.c v1.4 - gih)